Congratulations on setting up your Spocket supplier account! 

Now Let's add your first product.

*** Note: If you have your products already listed on Etsy, Fancy or Shopify, our team is happy to help you import the products to save you time.

If you are activating a product, it will be shown to all of online shops right away so make sure you have enough in stock before activating your product.


Variants are optional to add, with a maximum of two properties per product. For example, 'Colour' can be the first property and 'Size' can be the second.

You may add up to a maximum of 250 variants per product, each with different inventory, pricing and SKU.

Once you’re done, hit the save button and that is it! You just posted your first product on Spocket. It will soon be discovered and sold by thousands of retailers around the world.

Happy Spocket-ting.

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