My name is Saba, CEO at Spocket. Thanks for reading this article to learn more about our mission at Spocket. What is Spocket?

In December 2016, I decided to start my own e-commerce shop, but because I had no products to sell, I had to reach out to more than 300 suppliers on Etsy and Fancy to find products for my shop. Out of the 300 suppliers that I contacted, more than 90% of them rejected my offer for a few reasons:

  • I didn't have an established shop with proven sales
  • The entire process from order processing to shipment tracking was manual
  • Suppliers didn't trust the new e-commerce shops
  • Suppliers wouldn't offer me any discount on their products

For the sake of myself and other shop owners, I decided to work on Spocket to solve these issues. After one year, Spocket is serving more than 10,000 shops only on the Shopify platform.

What does Spocket do?

Spocket helps you start your online business by providing you great products to sell. We tried solving some majors problems by building Spocket:

  1. Finding products: You can find thousands of products on Spocket and you can add them to your shop with one click.
  2. Faster/Cheaper shipping: Online shops that sell products with faster shipping always sell more. Buyers love fast shipping. To solve this, we looked for suppliers around the world; If you ship products from your home country (or countries close by), shipping will be much cheaper and faster.
  3. High quality products: Most of the dropshippers sell the same products sourced from AliExpress. In addition to the slow shipping, the quality of products are low. We focused on higher quality suppliers from around the world.
  4. Discounts: To build a successful e-commerce shop, you need to have profit from each sale. Team Spocket negotiates with suppliers to offer a range of 25-50% discount off of their retail price. 
  5. Automation: We believe that you should spend all of your time on marketing and sales, so Spocket is completely automated. The entire process from order processing to shipment tracking is automated.

"Be a doer, not a dreamer"

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