Keeping stock levels up-to-date is crucial for running a successful online shop. Whether you are a supplier or a retailer, having enough inventory is critical!

Out of stock products: If a product is out of stock on Spocket, then the supplier is not able to fulfill the product.  The inventory will be automatically updated on the merchant's store and the product will show as ‘out of stock’ to customers.  Out of stock products are not available for purchase.  The supplier might restock the product, until then the retailer can either leave the product listed or can unpublish it for now.

Deactivated products: If a product is deactivated, then the supplier has removed it from Spocket or the supplier has been removed from Spocket. Sometimes, products and suppliers that do not meet our standards will be removed from the platform. This action is taken to make sure that only the highest quality items are offered to you and your customers. Deactivated products will be automatically unpublished from a retailer's store, and we ask that it's not republish it as it will no longer be available for sale.

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