Important note: When you receive an order on your store, you should not select the "Request Fulfilment" or “Mark as Fulfilled” or button on your Shopify account.

If this is selected, then syncing issues between your store and your Spocket account will occur. If you do accidentally select either of those buttons on Shopify and are experiencing issues with the order, please contact our Support team directly at

As Spocket syncs with your Shopify store, all orders will automatically appear on your orders page and you only need to process the order in Spocket for our supplier to fulfill your customer’s order.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your Spocket account
  2. Select Orders from the toolbar on the left
  3. Select View Customer Info if you’d like to view details of the order, such as the customer’s name and address
  4. Next, click the Checkout button. The shipping cost and transaction fees will be automatically generated based on the customer’s address
  5. Then, you can add any notes/instructions for the supplier
  6. Finally, press Place Order to process the order
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