Spocket allows you to directly communicate with your supplier after you have placed an order with them. Conversations are grouped by Supplier and Order Number, so you can easily address your concerns with a specific order for a supplier.

Note: The Chat feature is only available for Professional plans and above.

Composing New Messages

To start a new message:

  1. Simply head over to the Orders page, and look for the order that you wish to enquire about.

  2. After you've checked out the order, if the supplier has agreed to provide support via direct chat, you will be able to see a purple chat icon in the Actions panel.

  3. To start a new message, click on the Chat Icon to open the New Message popup.

  4. Please enter the right topic for the message, and write a brief message for the supplier explaining the issue you are inquiring about. You should expect a reply in 1-2 business days.

Viewing and Replying to Messages

You can view and respond to messages in two ways:

  1. By clicking the Chat icon on the Order in your Orders page, if you have already started a conversation with them previously.

  2. By opening the Messages tab in the left navigation panel.

Important Note: You can only message suppliers that you have checked out an order for. Furthermore, not all suppliers have this feature enabled for them, so you are only able to communicate with the suppliers that have agreed to provide this support on Spocket.


If you receive a new message while you're on another tab, you will receive a toast notification so that you can easily view the new message.

If you receive new messages when you're away from your Spocket dashboard, you will receive an email notification reminding you of new messages received from your Suppliers.

Reporting Issues & Community Guidelines

If you are facing any issues regarding the order or supplier during this communication experience that you need further assistance with, you can communicate with the Spocket Customer Support team via the Support button on the lower-left corner of the screen.

Community Guidelines

We strive to create a safe, enjoyable, and useful environment for all our retailers. We do not stand for any kind of discrimination, harassment, abuse, or deceit.

Please help us ensure that we maintain the following community guidelines and avoid the following:

  • Vulgarity, bullying, harassment, threats, inappropriate communication

  • Sharing of private information & scam (passwords, credit cards, etc)

  • Exchanging private contact information

  • Clicking on any fishy third party links sent to you

  • Spamming the suppliers with multiple tickets without any real issues

If you feel that the supplier has violated any of our community standards, please report to our customer support staff immediately.

Spocket reserves the right to block any future communication or offboard any entrepreneurs who violate the community guidelines.

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