All of the orders that come into your online store will automatically sync with Spocket (provided that those orders are associated with the AliExpress products that you had imported via AliScraper).

  1. Go to My Orders from your Spocket dashboard

  2. (Optional) Click View Customer Info to view details of your customer's order, such as the customer’s name and address

  3. Click Checkout to place for the order. The shipping cost and transaction fees will be generated automatically based on the customer’s address

  4. (Optional) Add notes/instructions for the supplier

  5. Click Place Order to finish placing the order

That's it! Your AliExpress supplier will automatically ship the order to your end-customer once they receive your orders.

If your supplier requires additional information and/or is encountering any order issues, the Spocket Customer Support team will be able to help you facilitate these communication with your supplier.

Do you have any questions about the AliScraper Chrome extension?

Reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support team at, or our live chat within your Spocket dashboard

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