If you’d like to launch an online store but do not have your own inventory, you can use Spocket to connect with dropshipping suppliers in the US and EU. Spocket allows you to sell high-quality products without ever having to stock any inventory.

You can connect Spocket with your online store by following these steps below:

  1. Login to your Spocket account

  2. Next, head over to the My Shop button on the bottom left side of the page

  3. You will see all the existing integrations. In this case, make sure to select "Connect Your E-commerce Store" on the bottom right

  4. You will be redirected to your store’s login page where you will be asked for the login credentials of your existing store

  5. Go through the authorization step and select "Accept" to allow Spocket to complete integrating with your store

  6. Once done, go to Settings and head over to the Store tab where you can see your connected store and manage your Spocket plan

What should I do if I don't see "Connect Your E-commerce Store" on the My Shop page on Spocket?

There are a few different solutions you could try to resolve this:

  1. Ensure you use the UTM link to sign up (which looks something like this: https://www.spocket.co/?utm_source=partner_name&utm_medium=partner_name)

  2. Clear your cache in your browser settings

  3. Try a different browser (e.g. Firefox, Opera and etc.)

  4. Send an email to Support to support@spocket.co

  5. Chat with our Support team through the live chat bubble

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