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Chinese New Year/Spring Festival 2023 Information
Chinese New Year/Spring Festival 2023 Information
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Chinese New Year (CNY) also known as the Spring Festival 2023 is just around the corner.

The great news is most of the Spocket suppliers are based in North America and Europe so they will not be affected and their order fulfillment will continue as per normal.

However, do note that some suppliers that have warehouses in the USA and China may experience order delays.

What does the order delay entail?

Suppliers who have given their dates below will not be able to fulfill your orders during the given time.

If you do place orders during their time off period, your orders will stay there until the supplier is back from their time off to fulfill your orders.

What are my suppliers' exact time-off dates?

Click the button to see the suppliers who have given specific dates that they will be temporarily off from order fulfillment.

My supplier is not listed on the table above - are they taking time off?

Any product listings that have a shipping origin of China and Hong Kong, as well as all suppliers who have USA & China warehouses are expected to experience fulfillment delays.

You should be able to tell if a supplier has both USA & China warehouse by looking at the bottom right corner of the product disclaimer. Suppliers that have warehouses in the USA & China will have a description that says "International orders (Outside of USA) will be shipped from our China warehouse".

For these suppliers, please expect an order fulfillment delay from approximately January 16 to February 3, 2023. In addition, allocate a few extra days for possible delays from shipping carriers.

What do you do during the Chinese New Year period?

  • Notify your customers about this shipping delay

  • Temporarily hide affected products from your store

  • Reduce the amount of ad budget for affected products

  • Allocate your ad budget to North American and EU suppliers (that do not have an associated China warehouse) during this period

  • Be wary of time-sensitive items such as Valentine's gift orders. Be sure to notify your customers about this possibility of delay

  • Ask Spocket's team for a recommendation of suppliers who aren't celebrating the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival which might fit your product niche

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to approach our Customer Support team at 😊

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