Now that you have added some products to your Shopify shop, let's learn how we can access them on Shopify.

From the “My Products” Tab Click "View on Shopify" to see the product on your Shopify store. You can also click on "Remove from Shopify" to delete the product from your Shopify store and Spocket simultaneously. 

If you want to make any further changes to these products such as pricing, description etc, you will need to make them on your Shopify store by pressing on the "View on Shopify" button.

If you need to know details about a product such as the return policy or the shipping time, that are not available on Shopify- just click on the product in My Products on Spocket. A pop-up will appear with the necessary information!

As products get sold, Spocket will automatically update, in real-time, the stock level of your products on your Shopify store.

Next, let's learn how to set up your Spocket account.

Happy Spocket-ting.

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