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How do I get the most of Spocket's Partner Program?
How do I get the most of Spocket's Partner Program?

Learn how to make the most of the Spocket Partner Program and maximize your commissions!

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As a Spocket Partner, we want you to maximize your commissions. If you're not sure where to start, below are tons of great ideas!

Get involved in the Spocket community

By getting involved with the Spocket community, you will learn the full ins-and-outs of Spocket and how it helps people become entrepreneurs. 

  1. Join the Spocket Partner Slack group and share best-practices with other expert partners

  2. Join Spocket's Facebook group, which has over 70,000 entrepreneurs seeking and giving advice to one another

  3. Check out the Spocket Academy, which is full of world-class courses on all things eCommerce: ads, conversions, copy, niche selection, and valuable information on how to start a dropshipping store

Start promoting your referral link

Not sure where to start promoting your referral link? We have tons of ideas we can share with you!

  1. Blog: write a blog post about dropshipping, eCommerce, or recommending Spocket as a dropshipping platform and include your referral link

  2. Video: create a YouTube video that educates your audience and includes your referral link in the description of the video

  3. Forums: start answering eCommerce and dropshipping-related questions on forums like Reddit, and Quora and include your referral link in your answers

  4. Facebook Groups: join one of the hundreds of eCommerce and dropshipping-related Facebook Groups and post about the benefits of Spocket

  5. Social Media: promote your partner link on other social media platforms, like Pinterest and Twitter

Just use your online presence to help customers choose Spocket as their preferred platform for their business via your referral link, and your job is done!

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