How do I get product recommendations on AliExpress?

Learn how you can get access to winning products through AliScraper's product recommendation tool

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AliScraper Chrome extension allows you to generate product recommendations based on similarities to the AliExpress product listing that you're currently viewing.

This function is available for any AliExpress products.

You will be able to import products directly from the Recommended Products page without having to go back to the AliExpress website.

  1. Go to

  2. Search for products by entering a keyword in the search bar or by selecting any categories

  3. Click on the product that you're interested in

  4. Click the Recommended Products button. A new tab will open on your browser where AliScraper will automatically generate a list of products that are similar to the product you're currently viewing

  5. Easily import any of the recommended products to Spocket by clicking Import to Spocket

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