Retailers are notified when there are changes to their imported/published products.

The Notification Center is accessible by clicking on the bell icon on the upper left corner beside the Spocket logo. If there is a little red dot above the bell, this means that an entrepreneur has unread notifications, but can be read by either clicking on the bell icon or viewing all of their notifications.

At the moment, there are only four circumstances which we log as a notification:

  1. Variant price changes that are greater than 50c
    One or more variants of [Product Title] has price changes”

  2. Product shipping price changes that are greater than 50c
    “Shipping fees for [Product Title] have changed”

  3. Supplier shipping policy changes
    “[Supplier Name] has changed their shipping policy”

  4. Supplier going on temporary leave
    “[Supplier Name] is experiencing order fulfillment delay from [date] to [date]”

We look forward to providing a better experience in the months to come as we continue to improve our Notification Centre. You can send us your feedback at if you have any suggestions!

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