How do I cancel my subscription?

Learn how to cancel your plan anytime

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We are sorry to see you go! Downgrading back to Spocket's free plan is easy by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Spocket App

  2. Click on Settings in the left-hand toolbar

  3. Select Membership from the tabs

  4. Click the Cancel link and type in your password

After which, you should be able to see your plan end date under "Plan Valid Until" as shown in the image below.

Please note that you need to have had set-up your account password in the Account tab to proceed. Steps on how to change your password can be found here.

What happens if I cancel my subscription before the end of my billing period?

In case you cancelled your subscription halfway through your billing period, no need to worry as you can still access your Spocket plan benefits until the end of the pay period. Rest assured that no charge will be made to your account moving forward for a Spocket subscription.

What happens to my settings and products after the subscription end date?

Please note that you will lose access to all your settings and products at the end of your subscription period, and won't be able to retrieve them again in the future.

What does pausing my account do?

Pausing your account is a great way to keep your account active with all the settings and products you've already imported. Please note, we aren't able to pause an account that's on a trial.

While we hope to welcome you back to Spocket soon, why not reconsider and give it another shot? Take a moment to watch the video below—you might discover some awesome tips that could change your mind.

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