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How do payouts work with the Spocket Partner program?
How do payouts work with the Spocket Partner program?

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Once you have signed up for the Spocket Partner Program here, you need to update your payout details in the Rewards & Withdrawals section.

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your personalized partner dashboard

  2. Click on Payouts 

  3. Select PayPal or Stripe 

  4. Input your payout details

You can initiate a payout once the balance reaches $25. All Spocket payouts are available 30 days after the transaction has been complete. 

Please note that your rewards will initially show up under your SOLD section of your rewards and move immediately to the REWARDS - PAID after 30 days without going through pending. This is expected as there is a 30-day delay mentioned above.

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