How do I login to my AliScraper account?

Learn about different ways you can access your AliScraper account

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There are two ways to login to your AliScraper account:

1. Login to AliScraper via email

  1. Make sure you have installed the AliScraper Chrome extension on your Google Chrome browser

  2. Click on the AliScraper Icon in the extension toolbar

  3. Go to the Login tab and input your Spocket login credentials here. If you do not have a Spocket account yet, sign up for free

2. Login to AliScraper via Google or Facebook account

If you prefer to log in using Google or Facebook, make sure it has the same email you used to create your Spocket account. Otherwise, the extension will not successfully import your products or it will create a new account for you in Spocket (should you not have one yet).

Can't remember your login information?

You can click the Forgot Password button on the login page to reset your password. Input the same email that you use for your Spocket account.

Do you need help with logging into your Spocket or AliScraper account? Reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support team at or via live chat within your Spocket dashboard 😊

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