How do I process AliExpress dropshipping orders on Spocket?

Discover how you can effortlessly process your AliExpress dropshipping orders on Spocket.

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You can now link your AliExpress accounts with Spocket, granting the ability to place orders directly on AliExpress through Spocket (provided those orders are associated with the AliExpress products that you had imported via AliScraper).

Once your AliExpress account is connected to Spocket, all NEW orders will sync to AliExpress. Payment for these orders must be completed through AliExpress by following these steps:

  1. Go to My Orders from your Spocket dashboard.

  2. Click Order Details and select Open order to view details of your customer's order, such as the customer's name and address.

  3. Select Pay Now to finalize the order

That's it! Your AliExpress supplier will automatically ship the order to your end customer once they receive your orders.

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