You can request an order cancellation by reaching out to Spocket. Please note that we are only able to honor order cancellations if the request is submitted before items are shipped.  To cancel an order please follow these steps: 

  1. Send a cancellation request to
  2. Provide the order number and item name
  3. State the reason for the cancellation

Once submitted, the Spocket support team will review your request. If successfully cancelled, you will receive an email confirmation from Spocket.

Please be advised that order cancellations will not be honored if the order has already been fulfilled and shipped by the supplier. Once it has been handed over the shipping courier, it can no longer be cancelled as it is already on its way to the recipient.

Important note: Cancelling an order on Shopify does not automatically cancel the order on Spocket. It will only notify your customer that their order is cancelled.

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