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How do I filter my order page?

Spocket for Suppliers: Learn how to filter orders as a supplier

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We made it easier for our suppliers to search and manage their orders on Spocket by using the filters.

By default, your orders are shown in chronological order (from newest to oldest) but you can change this view and sort your orders by the fulfillment status.

Here’s how to filter your orders:

  1. From your Spocket account, head over to your My Orders Page

  2. To change how your orders are sorted, you can click any of the column headers. Orders can be sorted by Order No. , Order Date, Customer Name, Total, Quantity, Status, Fulfill Within

  3. You can also filter your orders by using the Filter option located on the top left. You can filter orders by Fulfilment Status, Date, and Delivery Status


Orders that are successfully paid by retailers and waiting to be processed


Orders that are being processed and waiting for tracking information


Orders that have been processed and shipped out


Orders that were cancelled

Order No

This is the order number

Order Date

This is the date the order was placed

Customer Name

This is the name of the customer the order is to be shipped to


This is the total cost of the order paid to you


This is the amount of products in the order


This is the status of the order

Fulfill Within

This is the number of days you have to process and ship out the order

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