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How do I connect Spocket with WooCommerce?
How do I connect Spocket with WooCommerce?

Learn how to set up Spocket on your WooCommerce Store

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Setting up Spocket on your WooCommerce store is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Follow the link here and download Spocket

  2. Log in to your WordPress account

  3. Select Plugins and click Add New

  4. Select Upload Plugin and add the zip file you downloaded in step #1

  5. Select Activate Plugin

  6. Next, click on Spocket on the left-hand toolbar

  7. From here, click on Connect to Spocket if you want to set up a new Spocket account

  8. If you already have a Spocket account, then click on Connect with Auth Key and enter your auth key

Not sure how to find your Auth Key? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Spocket account

  2. Click on Shop from the toolbar on the left

  3. Select WooCommerce and your auth key will show up! Make sure you log out before adding the key to WooCommerce

Important note: Our platform is yet to support having the same email for both a Shopify and a WooCommerce shop, so installing with the same email may cause the authentication to fail. If you encounter this problem, please change your email in your WordPress general settings and try again.

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