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How do I connect Spocket with Wix?
How do I connect Spocket with Wix?

Learn how to set up Spocket on your Wix store

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Wix allows you to build a fully functional online store and gives you the ability to sell, ship, and manage your products all in one place. You can connect Spocket with Wix in two ways:

  1. You can log in to your Spocket account and connect it to your Wix store

  2. You can log in to your Wix store and download the Spocket app

If you already have a Spocket account and/or subscription plan, we recommend you proceed with option #1.

Option #1: Log in to Spocket and connect to Wix

  1. Log in to your Spocket account

  2. Click on Shop from the toolbar on the left

  3. Select Wix and input your Wix store URL

There you go! Your Spocket account is now connected to your Wix Store! Please note, that you need to have a Wix account in order to do this.

Option #2: Log in to your Wix store and download Spocket

  1. Log in to Wix

  2. In your store editor, click the Add Apps button

  3. Search Spocket in the Wix app store

  4. Click to add Spocket to your Wix store

  5. Grant Spocket access to your store to push products and collect information on your orders

With these steps, you will be able to connect Spocket to your Wix account and use the app!

Connecting your Wix store with Spocket? Curious how to choose the best product to sell? Not a problem! By watching the video, you might uncover even more valuable advice!

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