Shopify allows you to build a fully functional online store and gives you the ability to sell, ship and manage your products all in one place. It is a great tool for merchants and entrepreneurs who are looking to start a profitable online business especially for beginners as it only takes a few steps to set up.

First step: Go to Shopify App Store and search for Spocket. Alternatively, you can download through this link below:

Second step: Install Spocket on your Shopify store by clicking on Add App

Third Step: Allow the necessary authorization and permission to integrate with Spocket.

Fourth Step: Once installed, you will now be redirected to the Spocket dashboard.

From here you can select products from our catalog and find the items you want imported and pushed to your store and that’s it! Quick and easy.

Important note: Another way to get started on building your eCommerce empire is to go straight to our official website and sign up directly. This will allow you explore Spocket and the products we offer before signing up for a Shopify store.

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