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How can I merge multiple items into one listing?
How can I merge multiple items into one listing?

Learn whether it is possible to merge multiple items into one product listing

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It is important to know that when a product has been pushed to your store, its variants are given specific unique identifiers so that Spocket knows which variant is which.

Hence when you try to merge multiple Spocket products into one, this will automatically break the connection and we would not be able to sync orders for that item to your Spocket account.

The issue will be encountered when you try to recreate by adding or removing the variations through the Edit options menu on your store (the example below is shown for Shopify users)

When removing the variant this way, a warning message will be displayed. If you continue, a new variation can be re-added with the ‘Add variant’ button and reconfigured to look the same. At that point, a new variant ID will be generated and the connection will break. We will no longer be able to sync the order for this item to Spocket because it does not match with the ID in our system.

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