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How do I add variants to my products?
How do I add variants to my products?

Spocket for Suppliers: Learn how to add product variants to your products

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Products have different variants such as size, style, or color. These variants allow your customers to choose between product options.

You may add up to a maximum of 250 variants per product, each with different inventory, pricing, and SKUs. However, you can only have three variant properties per product. For example, 'Color' can be the first property and 'Size' can be the second. 

In order to add a variant to your product, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Spocket Supplier App

  2. If you are adding a new product, select Add Product from the toolbar on the left

  3. If you are editing an existing product, select My Products from the toolbar on the left then click the Edit button

  4. Under the Pricing category, enable This product has variations

  5. It is required that you add your first property name (e.g. color)

  6. If applicable, you can add a second property name (e.g. size)

  7. You must provide the inventory, price, and suggested retail price of the product

  8. Once you’re done, hit the Post Product button then activate the listing on Spocket.

Important Note: If your products are integrated with Shopify, please do not make any variant changes on the Spocket dashboard as Spocket will always automatically update the product data according to your Shopify store.

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