There are a number of ways to add products to Spocket in order to make them available for our 30,000+ retailers to sell:

  1. Shopify: If you have a Shopify store, then we have an integration that can automatically pull in your products when you install our Spocket for Suppliers app
  2. CSV: If you’d like to bulk upload your products using a CSV, we can provide you with a template and instructions on how to do so
  3. Manual: If you’d like to upload your products manually through the supplier app, instructions are below!

How to manually upload products on Spocket

You can add a product by selecting Add Listing from the toolbar on the left, which will bring up the page below.

You'll be able to add your product's details such as Title, Description, Tags, Category/Sub-Category, Images, Variants, and Product Specific Shipping prices.

Once you’re done, you can hit the "Post Product" button and that's it! You just posted your first product on Spocket. It will soon be discovered and sold by thousands of retailers around the world.

If you are activating a product, it will be shown to all of our dropshippers right away so make sure you have enough in stock before activating your product.

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