It is important to know that when a product has been pushed to Shopify or WooCommerce, its variants are given specific unique identifiers so that Spocket knows which variant is which. Hence when you try to recreate variants by merging multiple Spocket products into one, this will automatically break the connection and thus we are not able to sync these orders through to your account.

How can I prevent my listings from losing its connection with Spocket?

The issue will be encountered when you try to recreate the variations through the Edit options menu. When removing the variant in this way, a warning message will be displayed. If you continue, a new variation can be re-added with the ‘Add variant’ button and reconfigured to look the same.

But at this point, a new variant ID is generated and the connection has already been broken and we can no longer sync the order for this item to Spocket because it does not match with the ID in our system.

It is important to note that the variations would only ever break with our platforms connection when the variant is explicitly removed and recreated. Changing the variants the right way should prevent any of these order syncing issues.

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