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How to Add GS1 Codes to Your Spocket Products
How to Add GS1 Codes to Your Spocket Products

Learn how to add GS1 Codes to your Spocket products

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The Spocket marketplace can sync with Amazon storefronts.

To enable this feature, your product listings must contain the Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), also known as GS1 codes.

Here's a step-by-step guide to adding GS1 codes to your Spocket products:

  1. Export your products into a CSV file from your Spocket dashboard. You can do this by clicking on the "Export CSV" button on the top right corner of the Products page.

  2. Open the CSV file and add a new column for GS1 codes. You can use the format "GTIN" for this column.

  3. Enter the GS1 code for each product in the corresponding cell under the GTIN column.

  4. Save the CSV file with the changes you made.

  5. Email the completed CSV to

  6. Wait for the Spocket team to verify your GS1 codes and update your product catalog accordingly.

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