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Do prices include customs duty and taxes?
Do prices include customs duty and taxes?

Learn how customs duty and taxes work on Spocket

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Spocket does not handle customs duty within our platform. The suppliers' product pricing does not include custom duty and taxes as this depends on the location where the end-customer is buying from. 

While most of our suppliers take care of the taxes and custom duties themselves, when shipping within a country, sales taxes may be applicable. This varies from supplier to supplier: the charges that are levied on purchases vary, depending on their location.

The way duty and taxes work for international customers is that it is charged once it arrives in the country of destination. The major reasoning for this is so those national tax authorities can get their taxes and duties from citizens under their laws and jurisdictions.

We always recommend that you inform your end-customers that customs duty may apply and they are responsible for paying them.

Here are some resources that might help you determine customs and taxes 

For more information, we urge you to visit each respective country's Border Institutions to learn more about the custom duty regulations in each country.

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