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What do transaction fees mean on Spocket?
What do transaction fees mean on Spocket?

Learn about Spocket's transaction fees

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In order to ensure all transactions are processed securely, we utilize Stripe for online payment processing and PCI compliance. Stripe charges a processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents, which is added to each successful order.

Furthermore, when payments are made through PayPal, the transaction is still processed through Stripe and thus the associated transaction fee is still applicable.

Please note that there are additional charges, as detailed below:

  • + 0.5% - for manually entered cards

  • + 1.5% - for international cards

  • + 1% - if currency conversion is needed

These transaction fees go directly to Stripe.

For Spocket suppliers who maintain warehouses in the US and China, a 5% transaction fee is also charged to cover the order processing fees related to placing orders with these suppliers.

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