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How do I integrate my Shopify store with Spocket for Suppliers?
How do I integrate my Shopify store with Spocket for Suppliers?

Spocket for Suppliers: Learn how Shopify integration works with Spocket for Suppliers

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If you run your online store on Shopify, Spocket can sync product data between your Shopify store and the Spocket dashboard.

How do I activate the Shopify integration?

To activate the integration with your Shopify store, please install the Spocket for Suppliers app on your Shopify store. Here are the easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify account

  2. Go to the Shopify App Store

  3. Click Add App

  4. Click Install App

  5. You will be required to complete the supplier application form by clicking the Join Now! It's FREE button.

  6. Once submitted, one of our dedicated Account Managers will reach out to you if you have qualified as a Spocket supplier.

If you are already a Spocket supplier and are looking to activate the Shopify integration, please contact our Customer Support team via live chat or email at

What are the things that will be automatically synchronized?

  • Product listings: When you are approved as a supplier, all your current listings will be imported to Spocket, along with their titles, product images, descriptions, and inventory

  • Inventory: If your Shopify inventory changes, your Spocket inventory will also be automatically updated. This change will also be reflected in all retailer stores that are selling your products

  • Automatic import of new products: Any new products uploaded on your Shopify store will be automatically imported into your Spocket account. Please note that you will have to log in to the Spocket dashboard to publish those products

  • Orders: All your Spocket orders will flow directly into your Shopify store. When you add tracking information in your Shopify store, it will automatically update in Spocket all the way through to your retailers. All Spocket orders will have an order number that starts with an "S" so that you will be able to differentiate a Spocket order from your regular Shopify order

What are the things that will not be automatically synchronized?

  • Subsequent changes to product descriptions in Shopify

  • Subsequent changes to product images in Shopify

This is to minimize unexpected changes for the retailers who are selling your products. If you need to make subsequent changes to your descriptions and images, please contact Spocket's Customer Support team.

What if I want certain things to not be synchronized with the Shopify store?

You can turn off auto-sync which will effectively stop synching everything (e.g. product titles, prices, etc) except inventory, orders, and tracking numbers.

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