Finding out how whether your order is past the processing and shipping deadline is simple.

Head over to your Orders to find all the orders you have received. The truck under the Action tab tells you the status of your order:

  • If the truck is grey, it means your order is still being processed

  • If the truck is purple, it means your order has been shipped. Click on the truck to get your tracking number

  • If there is a cancelled icon, it means that your order has been cancelled

Is my order past its deadline?

Here's how to determine the processing and shipping period for a product:

  • Click on the image of the product that you have processed. This will pull up the Spocket listing for that item.

  • Look at the Processing Time of the item

  • Then, look at the Shipping Time of the item. Make sure you know where the order is being shipped to as these can be different depending on which country the end destination is.

  • After adding these two together, you've found the total order processing and shipping period

Important Note: All processing and shipping dates are listed in business days. This means that they do not include weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Additionally, if there are multiple items in an order, the total time will be longer for the two products.

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