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Why am I unable to check out an order in my store?
Why am I unable to check out an order in my store?

Learn the reason why you cannot place orders on your store

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If you or your customer is unable to check out an order on your store, it could be that your shipping settings may not have been set up properly.

It's important for us to note that Spocket does not import products with the shipping information (delivery time or shipping fees) hence you must set your shipping settings in your store settings.
If you are on Shopify, here's how to set up shipping rates and zones:

Customers can order products from your store only if the country or region where they want the order shipped to is included in one of your shipping zones.

If you are unable to check out an order on Spocket, there could be a number of reasons why the system won't allow you to:

  • The supplier is unable to ship to the destination or recipient's country

  • The item is no longer available and has been deactivated by the supplier

  • The order has not been paid for successfully by your customer

  • One of the items ordered is unavailable or deactivated by the supplier

If one of the items in your order is unavailable, please reach out to Spocket to submit a request to have the unavailable product removed so you can proceed in checking out and paying for the remainder of the order on Spocket.

If you still are facing issues, please send us an email at
Discover more about the benefits of dropshipping with US and EU suppliers, particularly the advantage of fast shipping, by watching the video below.​

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