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Now it’s time to ensure your store is ready to launch, we’ve designed a checklist to help you do just that.

There are a few options to modify here. In the "Branded Invoicing" section, you can modify the invoices that will be in the orders packages. You can even add your logo to the invoices. While the "Global Pricing Rules" section allows you to set up a markup before you even publish the products to your store.

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✓ Payment Settings

You’ll need to determine how you want to accept payments from your customers in your store. Whether you choose to use Shopify Payments, a third-party gateway, PayPal, and the like; configuring this is a must.

✓ Shipping Settings

You’ll need to create shipping rules or set standard shipping rates in your store in order to ensure you’re not losing money on shipping.

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✓ Theme Customizations

This is one of the more exciting steps, as you get to choose your theme and start making visual changes. The Shopify Theme Store has plenty of designs to choose from, you can purchase a theme or just choose from one of the many awesome free themes Shopify offers.


It’s important your store can easily be accessed. Purchasing a domain is one of those ways to invite more visitors to your store rather than settling on the generated store address (e.g. Domains can be purchased directly from Shopify or an outside third party, we recommend but there are plenty to choose from.

Lastly, feel free to play around with the General settings on your store, as well as your online store preferences, then pat yourself on the back because your store is ready to sell!

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