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How do I set the category and subcategory for my products?
How do I set the category and subcategory for my products?

Spocket for Suppliers: Learn how to categorize your products

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Setting the category or subcategory for your products is crucial as it allows you to surface your products under relevant category filters on Spocket. This increases your product discoverability and your opportunities to get more sales on Spocket.

In order to categorize your products, follow these steps:

Log in to the Spocket Supplier App

  1. Go to My Products from the toolbar on the left

  2. Find and select the desired products you would like to set the category or subcategory for. You can utilize search filters and search bar to help you find your desired products

  3. Once you have selected the desired products, click the Edit Category button

  4. Select the category or subcategory that your products best belong to

  5. Click Apply to set the category to the selected product listings

You can also edit the category or subcategory of a product by clicking the Edit button on the product listing itself.

Note on category and subcategory

If you set your products under a certain subcategory, the items will also be visible under the master category.

For example:

Item: Silver Drop Earring

Subcategory: Earrings

Master Category: Jewelry

The above item will show up when a retailer searches under the subcategory “Earrings” and also under the master category “Jewelry”

If you set your products under a master category, the items will only be visible under the master category.

Important Note: You are only able to apply one category or subcategory to a product. If you make any changes to the category, it will override the previous category that was assigned to the product listing.

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