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How do I set up product pricing and discount percentage?
How do I set up product pricing and discount percentage?

Spocket for Suppliers: Learn how to edit your prices on Spocket

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How do I add or edit individual prices for my listings?

  1. Log in to your Spocket for Suppliers dashboard

  2. If you are adding a new product, select Add Listing from the toolbar on the left

  3. If you are editing an existing product, select My Products from the toolbar on the left, and click Edit on your selected product

  4. Add your listing price and suggested retail price

  5. Click Post Product to publish

Important Note: Spocket only supports pricing in US dollars at this time. Spocket is not responsible for collecting and remitting taxes on the suppliers' behalf.

How do I configure product pricing if my account is integrated with Shopify?

If your supplier account is integrated with Shopify, your product pricing on Spocket is set as a percentage off of your product's retail pricing on your Shopify store. The retail pricing refers to your product's unit Price not the Compare at price.

For example, if your product's retail cost is $10 and a 30% discount was indicated during onboarding, your listing price on Spocket will be set to $7.

When you fulfill an order from Spocket, this is the amount of payment you will receive in addition to the shipping costs that you have set up for this product.

If your retail price changes in your Shopify store, this will effectively change your listing prices on Spocket as well.

How do I change this discount rate in the future?

It is highly recommended that you keep your discount rate the same or offer even more discounts to your retailers to maximize sales. However, if you need to change the discount rate, your pricing must continue to comply with the Pricing and Shipping Fees requirements on Spocket and you will need to send in a request via live chat or email

How do I turn off price sync with Shopify?

On certain occasions, you may choose to set your product pricing individually (not as a percentage off of your Shopify store's pricing). To do this, you will need to:

  1. If your store is integrated with Shopify, you will see a toggle button to Turn Off Autosync

  2. This will effectively turn off any auto-syncing of product information between your Shopify store and Spocket except for your inventory level

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