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How do I connect Spocket with Amazon?
How do I connect Spocket with Amazon?

Discover the steps needed to set up Spocket on your Amazon store.

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Amazon provides a comprehensive and integrated solution for setting up and managing an online store, all in one platform, which encompasses the capacity to list, distribute, and manage products. At present, our integration with Amazon is limited to Amazon US.

Spocket can be connected to Amazon in two distinct ways.

1. Signup through Spocket and connect your Amazon store

2. Installation of Spocket through the Amazon Partner Appstore

Option 1: How to Connect from Spocket to Amazon

  1. Register or log in to a Spocket account without a linked store

  2. Go to “Your Store” page

  3. Click the “ Connect” button

  4. Log in to the Amazon account

  5. Authorize Spocket to connect

Option 2: How to Connect from Amazon to Spocket

  1. Click the “Authorize Now” button

  2. Login to your Amazon account

  3. Authorize Spocket to connect

What are the App Spocket pages available for a Drop Shipper connected to Amazon?

  • Search Page

  • Supplier’s page

  • Product Details page

  • Private Label

  • Import List

  • Products page

  • Orders page

  • Notifications

  • Supplier Chat

  • Academy

  • Settings

Is Amazon integration available for a specific plan

  • A Spocket dropshipper can connect their Amazon store with or without a plan applied to their account, but they cannot import products since a dropshipper should have an applied plan to use Spocket’s functionalities

  • Integration with Amazon is available for users subscribed to either the Empire or Unicorn plans

What are the products the Drop Shipper can view, import and push to their Amazon store?

  • For Dropshippers who link their account to Amazon, the search page will only display products from Suppliers who are supported by Amazon

  • The products displayed on the Search page are products from suppliers who added ASINs to their products. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, a required detail for a product to be imported to Amazon.

  • Products without ASINs will not show on the search page

  • Not all suppliers have all of their products ready for Amazon (control is made product by product)

  • Users will only have a view of suppliers integrated with Amazon

  • Aliexpress, winning products and image search menus will be removed.

  • We have added a product filter for items that can be added to Amazon through the "Marketplace products" filter. This filter provides a comprehensive list of Spocket products that you can add and sell on Amazon.

Can AliExpress products be pushed to Amazon?

A Spocket user can use AliScraper to import products from AliExpress to Spocket, but the imported products cannot be pushed to their Amazon Store. AliExpress products do not have ASIN and will fail once pushed to the Store.

Can a Shopify-integrated user also integrate with Amazon?

Once a Spocket dropshipper has associated their account with a store, only one store may be connected per account. Should the dropshipper wish to connect to Amazon, they should create a separate Spocket account, using a different email address.

What are the known limitations we have for Amazon?

  • When pushing products to the store, there's a delay of a few minutes for products to reflect on Amazon's side. The same goes when restoring products to the Import list or removing the products from the Store. ( Could also take 24 - 48 hours depending on the number of products )

  • Once reflected it will not be activated in real-time, a request should be sent to Amazon to be activated.

  • For now, all products listed will only have products with 1 variation

Why is my order not showing in Spocket?

Only orders with confirmed payment will be visible on the My Orders page. Orders made from Amazon also take a few minutes before they reflect to Spocket. Sometimes this may take hours.

How can we process cancelled orders?

  • If an order is cancelled from the Amazon side, the order will still reflect in Spocket’s Orders page with the status “Cancelled”. This has to be manually cancelled on the Orders page

  • An order cancelled by the Dropshipper has to be cancelled on Amazon

  • An order cancelled by the Supplier has to be cancelled on Amazon

Which product information will show on the shipping details?

Shipping details will follow the supplier's product information.

Are there restrictions in adding a Tracking Number as a Supplier?

Only numeric and alphabetic characters are accepted, within 10 to 50 characters

Can we still message Suppliers for inquiries?

The Supplier Chat page is still available for Dropshippers where they can send messages to Suppliers with products available to be pushed to Amazon.

Why isn’t my product posted on Amazon yet?

Once a product is pushed to Amazon, this has to be requested for approval. Before a product is posted, Amazon has to review the product.

Once approved, the product will now be activated and the user will be able to view the product pricing and they will have the option to edit pricing and inventory on the Amazon side.

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