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Getting Paid on Spocket

This article outlines everything you need to know about getting paid as a supplier on Spocket

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In order to make order processing seamless, Spocket offers multiple options to pay for orders to our dropshippers i.e. your customers. To enable this, we use two payment providers i.e. Stripe and PayPal.

We strongly recommend that suppliers set up both Stripe and PayPal on the Settings > Getting Paid page. Here's why.

When a dropshipper pays for an order using credit card, the supplier gets paid out through Stripe. When a dropshipper pays for an order using PayPal Express Checkout, the supplier gets paid out through PayPal.

So... how does that affect you?

Say, a Spocket dropshipper gets an order for your product. During the checkout process, they will only see eligible payment methods (only the ones you have completed setting up). If you have only setup PayPal, for instance, they will only see that option to pay for the order. However, if the dropshipper is only able to pay using a credit card, this is what they will see.

If the dropshipper is not interested in connecting to PayPal, it's likely that they cancel that order.

Maximize sales opportunities by setting up both Stripe and PayPal in your Settings > Getting Paid page. Both payment methods have different payout schedules. Check out this article that explains payouts in detail.

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