Do prices include custom duty and taxes?

The prices of products do not include custom duty and taxes, as we have no say in where the customer might be from. While most of our suppliers take care of the taxes and custom duties themselves, when shipping within a country, sales taxes may be applicable. This depends from supplier to supplier: the charges that are levied on purchases vary, depending on their location.

While taxes are included in the breakdown of the total costs upon checking out, customs duty is not included in this breakdown of cost.

The way duty and taxes work for international customers is that it is charged once it arrives in the country of destination. The major reasoning for this is so those national tax authorities can get their taxes and duties from citizens under their laws and jurisdictions.

For that reason it's going to be hard to charge your customers for these taxes and duties ahead of time. To do it under a Fedex/ UPS account where they transfer the duty and taxes to that national tax authority when it arrives in its country of destination. Would require each shipping rate to be customized by the items and final destination, which currently our system doesn't support.

That said, there is an app that looks to give the estimate and streamline the duties and taxes for your international customers here.

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