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Are you looking for new ways to find customers and increase sales of your amazing products?  There are over 30,000 merchants on Spocket looking for new products to sell on their online stores.  If you meet the following requirements, please apply to become a Spocket supplier!

In order to become a Spocket on supplier, the following requirements must be met:

  • High quality products: suppliers and their products are reviewed to ensure they are high quality
  • You are not a reseller of products: suppliers must manufacture their own or hold inventory in their own warehouses
  • Pricing: suppliers must offer a discount of at least 25% off of their retail price.  This discount enables merchants to realize a profit margin and offers them an incentive to market and sell your products
  • Minimum order quantity: we do not allow suppliers to set minimum order quantities 

What types of products aren't permitted on Spocket?

  • Pseudo-pharmaceuticals: These are products that make health claims- including supplements, skin peels, teeth whitening products, skin brightening and whitening creams, vitamins etc. These also include products that contain hyaluronic acid, retinol, glycolic acid, Kojic acid, vitamin C serums and hydroxy acids
  • Food and beverages

Once you have become a supplier on Spocket, the following requirements must be met to remain a supplier:

  • Packaging: Orders must be shipped in neutral packages. By this, we mean that your branding will have to be absent from the shipping packaging - the boxes or containers must be standard plain ones with no promotional materials. However, we understand and accept that for select products, labels will exist on the product such as beauty products' containers. Please remember, you are also required to include the customer's invoice from Spocket in the package to end customers.
  • Order processing: orders will come directly to your Spocket account and you will receive an email notification for every order that comes in.   All suppliers are required to process orders within the timeframe you have specified on your application
  • Shipping: all orders must be shipped with a tracking number and must be received by the customer within the time frame you have specified on your application
  • Order success rate: In order to be a successful supplier on the Spocket platform, order processing and shipping is very important to us.  All suppliers are required to have an order success rate of 95% or more, or else they are at risk of removal from our platform
  • Product images: watermarks are not permitted on product images

We care a lot about our merchants and want to ensure they are sourcing the best products from the top suppliers around the world.  If any supplier is found to be in violation of the requirements above, they will be removed from Spocket.

For any other questions, Contact our support team at Support@Spocket.co.

Happy Spocket-ting.

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