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When will I get paid for my orders?
When will I get paid for my orders?

Learn about your payout schedule with different payment providers on Spocket

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All suppliers on Spocket get paid out for an order either via Stripe or PayPal, depending on the payment method for that order. See this article to understand Spocket's payment system.

Stripe and PayPal payouts have different schedules.


All orders paid for using a credit card are processed via Stripe. These order payments are remitted as a lumpsum on a monthly basis on the 1st of each month. Spocket applies a 7-day buffer to your monthly payout to account for adjustments and refunds. This means that orders received within the last 7 days of the billing cycle will not be paid until the following payout cycle.


With PayPal, suppliers will be paid out on the 25th day after every order is placed, provided they successfully fulfill the order. This is to ensure there is a grace period to account for cancellations/refunds. These order payments are remitted as single payments for every order.

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