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How can I order a sample on Spocket?

Learn how to purchase sample products on Spocket

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Spocket allows you to easily order samples of any product with a few clicks. This feature lets you:

  • Test out the products before you dive into business with a particular supplier.

  • Photograph the product for your store. You can now add high definition photos that you have taken yourself to suit the style and theme of your site!

  • Get big discounts on products, so that samples don't drive up costs for your store.

For every item on Spocket, you can process up to 5 samples per order. Unfortunately at this time, bulk sample orders is not a feature available in Spocket.

To order a sample, you will have to follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Click on the Order samples button that is present in the product description.

2. A pop-up will appear that will require you to choose the variant of the product you wish to be delivered to you. You can change the quantity from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5. The total amount you need to pay will be displayed. When ready, click Continue.

3. You will be asked to fill out your address and phone number so that the item can be delivered to your location.ย 

4. Then you must enter your credit card number to pay for the product you have selected.

5. The final step is to review your order and make sure the details you have entered are correct. In case you want to go back to a previous step and change something, you can simply click the Go back button. Once you are ready, click Place Order.

At this point, the supplier will be alerted that you require a sample of their product and will start fulfilling the request on their end. Soon, the product will arrive at your preferred destination, and you can check if it's the right one for your shop.

Get your sample product today, and start Spocket-ing!

Feel free to check out this informative video, which can assist you in pinpointing the ideal product for your sales endeavors!

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