Each product on Spocket has an order processing time, as well as an order shipping time. The order processing time is the time it takes a supplier to prepare an order for shipment. The order shipping time is the time it takes for the item to reach the end customer.

Shipping time varies from product to product based on the following factors:

  • Location of the supplier
  • Processing time
  • Delivery service used
  • Other external factors¬†

You can find this information in the product description. Click on the product on the search tab and you will see the processing time and shipping time indicated in the description.

It's important to note that processing time and shipping time is counted in business days. In order to get the total order processing and shipping time, add the days together. For example, the product below will take a minimum of 6 days and a maximum of 10 days to arrive at the end customer, if they are located in the United States. 

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