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How do I configure shipping rates?
How do I configure shipping rates?

Spocket for Suppliers: Learn more about the different shipping options to set up for your products

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As a supplier on Spocket, you can customize your shipping settings by:

  • Including/excluding certain countries that you would like your items to be available to

  • Setting up base shipping rate and incremental shipping rate (the price of shipping for each additional item) as a flat rate that applies to all your items, or setting up a different base and incremental rates for each individual items

How do I set up shipping flat rates that apply to all my products?

  1. When you first onboarded as a supplier, the shipping rates that you entered on the application form will be applied to all your products

  2. Please go to your Shipping settings to view these rates

  3. These settings outline your Domestic and International (if available) base shipping costs, incremental costs for each additional item, and estimated shipping time (in business days). An example is attached below:

For example, customer John Smith orders 3 items from your store to be shipped domestically. The total shipping cost would be $5.99 + $1.00 + $1.00 = $7.99

How do I set up shipping rates for each individual product?

  1. Select My Products from the left toolbar

  2. Find your respective product and click Edit

  3. Scroll down to the shipping settings portion of the product's page and edit the shipping costs here

  4. Click Post Product to save your edits

Note: The shipping rates configured in your shipping settings are applied universally to all your products. If you've opted to assign shipping fees to individual listings, those fees will supersede and determine the charges applied to orders.

Commonly asked questions around shipping

How do I add different rates for different countries?

You can add specific countries' shipping rates by clicking the Add Country button.

How do I disable international shipping?

Please leave the shipping cost and incremental fee empty, and leave the shipping time as -Select One-.

How do I exclude certain countries from my shipping settings?

If you'd like to offer international shipping but have restricted areas where you cannot ship, we have an International Shipping Excluded Countries option. Click the toggle to enable this and input the specific country exclusions.

How do I increase or decrease my shipping costs in the future?

If you have finished setting up your shipping costs during your initial onboarding and would like to subsequently change your shipping costs in the future, please be aware that these subsequent changes to your shipping settings will only apply to your new products (and not your existing products).

If you need to apply these rates to your existing products, please let us know via email or chat.

Important Note: Spocket requires all suppliers to provide a tracking number for orders, both domestic and international.

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