Go to the Getting Paid page on your Spocket supplier dashboard. Since suppliers can get paid out using Stripe as well as PayPal, the setup status for each will show in their respective sections.


To see if your Stripe account is successfully set up, navigate to the Stripe section. You should see an "Account Verified" tick mark in the Account Verification step, and your Bank Account Information field should be saved and uneditable (as shown in the screenshot).


To see if your PayPal account is successfully set up, navigate to the PayPal section. If you see a green checkmark along with the message ‘You’re all set up!’ - that’s confirmation that a PayPal account is connected to accept payouts for your account.

Please do not hesitate to contact support@spocket.co or click on the chat button to talk to a customer service agent if you're running into issues or if you have questions regarding your payout.

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