Starting your business at Spocket is an exciting opportunity to expand your distribution channels to 50,000+ retailers. 

Here are a few ways you can improve your sales on Spocket:

  • Offer Free US Shipping: Products with free US shipping will be listed under the "Free US Shipping" filter and thus get more eyeballs from the retailers. Remember that high shipping costs relative to the item price can raise a red flag to the retailers and make them less likely to sell your products.
  • Fast response on inquiries: Retailers may request for more information about your products. Fast and reliable communication as well as great customer service encourages retailers to adopt your products.
  • High-quality product photography: High quality images are critical to customers' purchase decisions. Bonus points if you have lifestyle photos on your product catalogue that our retailers can utilize as their campaign photos.
  • Product titles: Make sure that your product titles are targeted and relevant. Retailers like titles that are "ready-to-market", in other words, stay away from doing a 50-word messy title. Make sure that your items are still clearly identifiable from your title. If you're selling candles, a title that says "Watermelon-scented Soy Candle" is better than just "Watermelon Scent".
  • Tags: Having relevant tags on Spocket will connect relevant retailers to your relevant products. Stay away from putting irrelevant tags and focus on providing a good product-searching experience for retailers. This typically results in more visits to your store and ultimately sales for you as a supplier.
  • Category and subcategory: Edit your items and ensure that your items are categorized and subcategorized accurately so retailers can easily find them.
  • Uploading new products: Uploading new products regularly gives you more chances of being noticed when retailers are sorting by newest products.
  • Publishing more products: Having a larger number of SKUs will increase the likelihood of product adoption, so be sure to activate as many products as you can on Spocket.

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Happy Spocket-ting!

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