A Branded Invoice allows you to personalize your orders by giving you the option to add your company logo and leave a thank you note that is slipped into your customer’s package. However, there could be occasions when you don't want the supplier to include one.  

There are 2 ways you can inform your supplier to not include invoices:

  1. During checkout, make sure to leave a message in the supplier’s note to not print and slip an invoice when they fulfill your customer’s order.

  2. The other option is to simply disable the ‘Include Branded Invoicing on All Orders’ toggle that is accessible on the ‘Branded Invoicing’ page of your settings.

What does this toggle do?

As Branded invoicing is enabled by default for users on the Pro plan or higher, they will need to explicitly disable it if they do not want branded invoices included in their customer’s orders. When disabled, a large warning message is displayed notifying the supplier to not include invoicing.

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