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How do I import tracking numbers for orders in bulk?
How do I import tracking numbers for orders in bulk?

Spocket for Suppliers: Learn how to bulk upload tracking numbers

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We made it easier for our suppliers to fulfill orders by using the Import Tracking Number functionality.

With the Import Tracking Number functionality, you have the ability to upload tracking numbers for multiple orders at once via CSV upload.

How to Import Tracking Number

  1. From your Spocket account, head over to My Orders Page

  2. Click the more action icon located on the top right-hand corner next to the avatar icon and select Import Tracking Number

  3. Scroll down the Import Tracking Tool page and download the CSV template guide

  4. Fill out the CSV template with the mandatory fields and save it

    • Order No. is the order number found on the My Orders Page

    • Tracking No. is the tracking number for the corresponding order

    • Tracking URL is the tracking site link

    • Carrier is the tracking carrier used to ship out the order

  5. Upload the file by either dragging the saved CSV file and drop it in the Upload CSV box or click Upload a file to select the file

  6. Click Update Tracking Info for the tracking information to be imported

  7. The error will appear in red if the CSV file is not filled out correctly. When this happens, simply fix the file accordingly and reupload it again

Important Note:

You will not be able to overwrite an order that already has a tracking number, this is to ensure that you will not accidentally make changes to an already-fulfilled order.

If you need to change the tracking number for an already-fulfilled order, please contact

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