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Service level agreement for suppliers utilizing chat functionality
Service level agreement for suppliers utilizing chat functionality

Spocket for Suppliers: Learn more about the responsibilities required when chatting with retailers

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Spocket's new chat feature enables retailers to communicate directly with suppliers for any order or product inquiries. This offers an opportunity for building increased brand loyalty among resellers.

This article details the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between [Supplier] and Spocket, outlining the services and responsibilities required, as well as the expected level of services while utilizing the chat functionality.

This section outlines and defines the responsibilities of [Supplier]

  • [Supplier] shall respond to the Retailer's inquiry within 48 hours. Should inquiries remain unaddressed, Spocket reserves the right to assume control and to put forth any necessary actions to resolve the issue. These actions might include but are not limited to, refunding orders and canceling orders, amongst others.

  • [Supplier] shall provide all necessary information and update with inquiries until the issue is resolved.

  • [Supplier] shall contact Spocket for any monetary-related issues such as refunding an order

  • [Supplier] shall escalate issues to Spocket if necessary

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