Spocket's new chat feature will allow retailers to reach out directly to you (a Spocket supplier) for any post-order inquiries. This allows you to build a more extensive brand loyalty with your resellers.

This article outlines the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between [Supplier] and Spocket. The SLA identifies the services and responsibilities required and the expected level of services while utilizing the chat functionality.

This section will outline and define the responsibilities of [Supplier]

  • [Supplier] will respond to the retailer's inquiry within 48 hours. If inquiries are not addressed, Spocket has the right to take over and take any necessary action to resolve the issue. These actions include but are not limited to refunding orders, canceling orders, etc.

  • [Supplier] will provide all necessary information and update with inquiries until the issue is resolved

  • [Supplier] will reach out and inform Spocket of any monetary related issues (i.e. refunding an order)

  • [Supplier] will escalate issues to Spocket if needed

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