Here are all the things that will be integrated:  

  • Product listings: All your current listings will be imported to Spocket, along with their titles, product images, descriptions, and inventory. After product images and descriptions have been imported to Spocket the first time, suppliers must edit them within the Spocket app (i.e., changes in Shopify to product images and descriptions won't be reflected in Spocket). 
  • Automatic integration with new products: If you add any new products, those will be automatically integrated with your Spocket account. 
  • Inventory: If your Shopify inventory changes, your Spocket inventory will also get automatically updated. This change will also be reflected on all retailer's stores that are selling your products. 
  • Orders: All your Spocket orders will come directly to your Shopify store. When you add tracking information in your Shopify store that will automatically update in Spocket as well.

Please note that as a supplier, if you manage your inventory in Shopify, any changes you make to your products in Spocket won’t be reflected in your Shopify store.

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